Oct 17 2013

Americans Willing to Spend More to Remodel, Survey Says

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I see this happening in our Gig Harbor home market. It will be interesting as the economy picks up to see if this trend continues and owners remain in their homes rather than "trading up". Do you think we will all live in our homes longer than before the recession?

Americans are increasingly willing to spend on home renovations, according to a survey that says they are taking on more projects and plan to use more expensive materials throughout the process. Remodeling app Planese outlined in a news release the results of an online survey done with remodelormove.com, in which homeowners were asked roughly 70 questions about their plans to remodel their home or move to a new one. All 5,000 respondents were interested in making some sort of change.

The results indicate Americans are willing to spend 30 percent of their home's value to remodel, up from 25 percent in 2007 and 28 percent in 2010, though home prices were significantly higher in 2007 and lower in 2010 than they are now. People plan to spend an average of about $102,000 to renovate. How homeowners said they'd use that money offers more insight into the consumer mindset.

Based on the survey results, those looking to remodel increasingly plan to hire professionals for the work and use more expensive materials for the renovation. And as far as what they're remodeling, homeowners surveyed in 2013 are undertaking more expensive projects by favoring kitchen updates over bathrooms.


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