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Jun 28 2017

Gig Harbor home prices—is it a seller’s market? Yes…and No!

Gig Harbor home prices—is it a seller’s market? Yes…and No! While reports of current home sales indicate it is a seller’s market, that is not completely accurate for Gig Harbor and Fox Island. While it is true for much of the Puget Sound, it is a bit different where 72% of homes listed is above April’s median selling price of $500,000. This is a “dual market” for Gig Harbor home prices. Extremely low inventory under $500,000 has created a seller’s market with only 1.2 months’ supply. Multiple offers are common in this market and successful buyers will be well prepared with financing pre-approval lined up.

Months’ supply is calculated by dividing current inventory by the number of contracts accepted (pending) for the previous month.  For April, it would take 1.2 months to sell everything on the market listed under $500,000.

In the $500-750,000 Gig Harbor home prices the  inventory is still tight at 1.9 months and is only slightly better at $750-1,000,000 category with 2.5 months.











But once above $1M, buyers have a bit more breathing room and likely won’t face a bidding war for Gig Harbor home prices.. Up to $1,250,000 homes will remain on the market a bit longer, providing a 3.3-month supply and an opportunity for the move-up buyer to sell in a seller’s market and buy up in a buyer’s market.

Above $1,250,000 it jumps rapidly to a buyer’s market for  Gig Harbor home prices with 6.5 months of homes in the $1,250-000-1,500,000 category and 20 months at $1,500,000 plus. Multiple offers are rare in the upper reaches and sellers likely have a longer wait especially at $1,500,000. Exceptions are found for homes in high demand areas, turn-key and priced where buyers believe it to be current market value. Currently 20 homes are available with just one sold in April and none pending.

So…pleased may be the seller under $750,000 and the buyer over $750,000, and trying perhaps for the buyer under and the seller over that mark.


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Jun 28 2017

Gig Harbor high-tier waterfront sales make comeback…and other real estate news

Gig Harbor waterfront high-tier sales make comeback…and other real estate news. Approaching the mid-year point, when typically, one-half of Gig Harbor waterfront sales have closed, the market is on track to end the year with similar volume as last year—115-125 sales. The very high-tier–$2M plus– has already surpassed the last 2 years in numbers. With 3 closed and 2 pending, that’s a 250% increase, in just the first half of the year. It is likely we’ll see a $3M plus Gig Harbor waterfront home sell this year as well.

The $1-1.25M category already has twice as many sales as the whole of 2016.

The conundrum though is between $1.25-$2M. The 2 closed sales to-date compare with 13 for the 2016 year and Gig Harbor waterfront homes currently under contract support the lack of interest, at this time, for this price range.  It may be that many of the sellers with pent-up desire to change homes managed to sell their homes last year. And it may be that this season’s inventory is too aggressively priced.

For the first time I can remember, 40% of the homes on the market over $2M are in Gig Harbor Bay, with docks. These Gig Harbor waterfront homes were built within a five-year period a decade plus ago and likely represent the desire for a lifestyle change.

Gig Harbor/Fox Is overall real estate market….

  • Highest single month MSP–$525,000
  • Most new resale listings for years—up 6.8%
  • 2-month supply of homes for sale
  • New homes are 35% of sales volume

Key Peninsula

  • Just 1.3-month supply
  • MSP up 18% for the quarter
  • Pending sales up 53% over 2016


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