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Jun 28 2017

Gig Harbor high-tier waterfront sales make comeback…and other real estate news

Gig Harbor waterfront high-tier sales make comeback…and other real estate news. Approaching the mid-year point, when typically, one-half of Gig Harbor waterfront sales have closed, the market is on track to end the year with similar volume as last year—115-125 sales. The very high-tier–$2M plus– has already surpassed the last 2 years in numbers. With 3 closed and 2 pending, that’s a 250% increase, in just the first half of the year. It is likely we’ll see a $3M plus Gig Harbor waterfront home sell this year as well.

The $1-1.25M category already has twice as many sales as the whole of 2016.

The conundrum though is between $1.25-$2M. The 2 closed sales to-date compare with 13 for the 2016 year and Gig Harbor waterfront homes currently under contract support the lack of interest, at this time, for this price range.  It may be that many of the sellers with pent-up desire to change homes managed to sell their homes last year. And it may be that this season’s inventory is too aggressively priced.

For the first time I can remember, 40% of the homes on the market over $2M are in Gig Harbor Bay, with docks. These Gig Harbor waterfront homes were built within a five-year period a decade plus ago and likely represent the desire for a lifestyle change.

Gig Harbor/Fox Is overall real estate market….

  • Highest single month MSP–$525,000
  • Most new resale listings for years—up 6.8%
  • 2-month supply of homes for sale
  • New homes are 35% of sales volume

Key Peninsula

  • Just 1.3-month supply
  • MSP up 18% for the quarter
  • Pending sales up 53% over 2016


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Feb 22 2017

Gig Harbor waterfront prices increase 18% but high-tier not catching up

Gig Harbor waterfront prices increase 18% but high-tier not catching up. 2016’s sales neared 2013-14’s record for volume. But the real news is the 18.65% bump in median price for Gig Harbor waterfront homes–the point where half of all sales were more and half less than $700,000.

Sale prices of all Gig Harbor homes have recovered to best the peak years but the very high-tier waterfront prices have not caught up. Today prices are 22% off the 2007 $900,000 peak. 2017 could however minimize that difference for Gig Harbor waterfront.

In 2006-08, 35% of Gig Harbor waterfront sales were over $1M. In 2016, only 21% were over $1M. In 2006, 23 homes sold over $1M. In 2016, 26 homes sold–nearly the same, but twice the overall volume.

The selling price for the 10 homes that sold for $1.5M or more averaged 163% of their assessed value last year, something buyers need to be cognizant of in offering…and 133% in the $800-1M price range. Looking ahead at the 2017 assessed values, I believe prices for Gig Harbor waterfront will continue to outpace county assessments West to Southeast exposure was the norm for the $1.5M price range, and they averaged 154 feet of frontage. One third had docks and nearly all were low to medium-low bank…normal for the high-tier.

Some final thoughts–

  • I believe there is a “backlog” of a minimum of 150 Gig Harbor waterfront owners who are ready to move–if market conditions (read prices) permit. This year should bring more of these properties to market.
  • New flood plain maps will be implemented March 7, affecting Gig Harbor waterfront low bank. Sellers and buyers should review FEMA’s website for maps to see the impact for flood insurance rates in high-velocity wind and reach situations.
  • Additionally, the long-waited Shoreline Master Plan revision is scheduled for adoption this year, expanding shoreline setbacks and restrictions. I was on the committee when it began in 2008…now eight years later. So…lots going on.

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Feb 28 2016

Gig Harbor waterfront best sales months are here—sellers should be on the market now!

Gig Harbor waterfront best sales months are here—sellers should be on the market now! My graph is a big part of this week’s blog. By choice, buyers of low and medium-low bank Gig Harbor waterfront buy in early spring for the ability to enjoy it starting in May or June. We are approaching March—traditionally one of the most active months for sales. Relocation, purchases of “tear-down homes” for rebuilding, and purchases where the primary interest is view, rather than accessibility, provide additional sales throughout the year. Sales made in March for Gig Harbor waterfront will likely close in April or May—45-60 days out.

BEST SALES MONTHS: March has been the #1 selling month in 4 of the last 18 years for Gig Harbor waterfront . March has actually ranked either #1, #2, or #3 40% of that period. Last year March was #2 in new sales. Aggregated over the years, the best months are July, September, May, June and August in that order. Those sales typically close 45 days later. But those months’ sales include more second home usage, Key Peninsula and generally under $1m price tag.









2015 Waterfront roundup

MEDIAN SALES PRICE:  2006-08 were boom years for Gig Harbor waterfront  prices—$800-900,000 was the median. But the year just prior to the boom—2005—the median price was where it has been the past 2 years–$600,000.

TOP TIER: The over $1M category produced 1 of every 4 sales in 2015. At the market height 35% of sales were over $1M. That plummeted to 10%—then jumped to 24% last year. 2 of every 3 sales in the top tier were initiated before June, with half by March. Gig Harbor waterfront buyers want to be using the waterfront—either on land or by boat–in the summertime.

INVENTORY: With Gig Harbor waterfront  inventory even tighter this year, new listings, if priced right, disappear as fast as they are listed.  That should keep prices rising in 2016.   The median price of the 37 homes listed in Gig Harbor/Fox Island is $1,100,000 & in Key Peninsula $745,000 for 8 homes. That 45-house total is down from the past couple years. If, on the other hand, many of the 175 waterfront “pent-up sellers” enter the market, it could hold down prices. 175 is my take of the number of Gig Harbor waterfront sellers who would sell and move—if market conditions & prices permit.

I believe the earliest sellers of Gig Harbor waterfront  to the marketplace this year will get the benefit of low inventory, coupled with historic low interest.


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Jan 26 2015

Gig Harbor waterfront posts healthy price uptick

 Gig Harbor waterfront posts healthy price uptick

Gig Harbor waterfront 2014’s sales nearly equaled 2013’s record-breaking year. But the real news is the 18% increase in median sales price for Gig Harbor waterfront. Half of all sales were more than $600,000 and half less. Gig Harbor waterfront sales prices peaked at $900,000 in 2007–now at 2005 levels.


But the sales pattern for Gig Harbor waterfront was atypical—the market slowing precipitously 4th quarter 2013, continuing through the entire 1st half of 2014. By July Gig Harbor waterfront sales were markedly down–both price & number.


Not surprisingly, all 23 $1m plus sales occurred in Gig Harbor & Fox Island. But what was noticeable was the buying intensity 4th quarter in the upper end. Only 6 Gig Harbor waterfront  offers were accepted in the entire 1st half, 7 in the 3rd quarter & 9 in the 4th, mirroring consumer confidence. 10 of those 23 sales closed in November & December alone. $655,000 was the high sales price for Key Peninsula.


What a difference a year made in the over $1m tier for Gig Harbor waterfront. 2013’s record sales volume produced the smallest percentage (10%) of sales over $1m & the lowest median sales price ($490,000) since 2004. But 2014’s nearly equal numbers showed a healthy uptick of 17% high-end sales with 18% increase ($600,000) in median sales price.


Median Sales Price 2006-2014
Year Sales Price % Change # $1.5m+ # $1m+ # All Sales %  $1m+
‘06 850,000 13 10 66 35%
‘07 900,000 ↑6 6 17 64 36%
‘08 800,000 ↓11 3 11 40 35%
‘09 682,500 ↓15 3 6 52 17%
‘10 662,000 ↓3 2 15 67 25%
‘11 525,000 ↓20 2 7 70 13%
‘12 565,000 ↑8 4 10 101 14%
‘13 490,000 ↓13 5 9 135 10%
’14 600,000 ↑18 6 17 132 17%



The current slim inventory of Gig Harbor waterfront—coupled with historically low interest rates & easier financing should keep prices rising in 2015.  Median list price of the 38 homes in Gig Harbor/Fox Island is a shy $1m & in Key Peninsula $435,000 for the 18 homes listed. On the other hand, if an abundance of “pent-up sellers” list, it could hold down prices. I calculate a minimum of 250 Gig Harbor waterfront owners are ready to move—if market conditions (prices) permit.


Gig Harbor waterfront homes $1m plus sold on average for 150% of assessed value in 2014. Average frontage was 102 feet, considerably down from 170 feet the year before. Only 5 had more than 125 feet. 50% had docks or dock permits & 85% were low to medium-low…nothing unusual here. Homes $750,000-1,000,000 sold on average for 120% of assessed value.


Distressed Gig Harbor waterfront  home sales are becoming nearly a non-issue—just 2% of the sales last year were short-sales and 5% were bank-owned, down 9% & 13% 3 years ago.


Carole is a Broker at Windermere/Gig Harbor, specializing in Gig Harbor waterfront and view properties. She may be reached at 253.549.6611 or

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Dec 21 2014

Gig Harbor home sales continue nicely in “recovery mode”

Gig Harbor home sales continue nicely in “recovery mode”

In a nutshell—Gig Harbor home sales prices are up, inventory & sales volume are flat, upper tier is appreciating, & new construction is impacting buyers. Here’s my take for the September-November quarter for Gig Harbor & Fox Island, compared to a year ago…

Sales prices ↑ 6.2%

A 6.2% increase in Gig Harbor home sales brings the median sales price (the mid-way point in sales prices) to $378,000 for the quarter. The single month of November was $432,000 — 31% over October and 44% from last November. Prices for Gig Harbor home sales have been gradually strengthening all year after a low of $303,000 in January. This increase should allow more sellers to list – gaining some of the equity lost during the housing bust – and adding to the inventory the market badly needs.

Prices are down 20% from the 2006 third-quarter peak — at summer 2005 prices. Important to note, at the peak, new homes made up a substantial number of sales at $600-750,000, elevating over-all prices. The 6.2% uptick is realistic appreciation I believe, after a stagnant 3 ½ years, ending with second quarter 2014.

Resale non-distressed homes appreciating

These are sales of existing homes – not short sales or bank-owned. Sales prices have steadily been gaining since March, except for October – at $384,000 — down 14% from the 2006 third-quarter peak. The single month of November was $448,000 –the highest single month’s sales price since August 2006 ($475,000) when prices for Gig Harbor home sales turned the corner. However, too much cannot be read into this single month.  22% –11 of the sales were waterfront homes over the median sales price – never before seen in November.

Sales Volume ↑ 1.4%


Pendings ↑15.9%

Contracts written but not yet closed are up with renewed consumer confidence, threat of future higher interest rates and easing of loan requirements.

Inventory “flat”

Inventory is still low, which can lead to multiple offers and homes selling above their list prices. Routine in the Seattle area but it happens here too. Local brokers point to the quality of some homes plus unrealistic pricing in Gig Harbor. They say buyers often will not even look at a house they perceive to be over-market but wait for a price reduction before even viewing it.

New home inventory 26% of the market

With a quarter of all inventory new homes the market is decidedly different for buyers than a year ago when it made up only 16%. With fewer resale homes – and more new homes –some buyers are having to change search parameters – especially when it comes to lot size. The Growth Management Act regulates density where utilities can service it, forcing smaller lots. Half of new homes currently are on smaller square footage than the traditional 12,500 – 35% are on 5000 or less –and half of those on less than 2300. This can provide more buyer interest for resale homes on larger sites.

Short-sales ↓50% – REO’s flat

The distressed market continues to retreat — just 10% of Gig Harbor home sales. It was 13% last year.

Waterfront sales on par with 2013

Sales volume on the two peninsulas looks to nearly equal the 135 sales last year. But the real story here is increasing prices – we could see a median sales price uptick of $100,000 when all the dust settles—bringing it to the $600,000 range.  And even bigger news is the $1m plus tier for Gig Harbor home sales . 2014 will end with the same number of sales over $1m as in 2006 and 2007—21. Over 90% of the $1m sales came in the last half of the year – again low interest, good values, and increased consumer confidence. (See Resale Non-Distressed Sales above)


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Sep 01 2014

Gig Harbor waterfront prices up 10%

Gig Harbor waterfront prices up 10%

Gig Harbor waterfront prices up 10%, January to mid-May, over the 2013 year. The entire price bump is coming from Gig Harbor and Fox Island—up 14% while Key Peninsula is experiencing a 7% decrease. Here are the highlights…

Sales volume for Gig harbor waterfront

  • On track for 100 sales by year-end—fairly typical
  • Slower thus far than 2013’s all-time high of 135
  • Sweet spot is $500-600,000, 4 closed/2 active listings
  • Also $400-500,000, 8 closed/14 listings
  • Also $900,000, 4 closed/8 listings

Median sales prices y-t-d for Gig Harbor waterfront

  • Prices ↑ 10% on both peninsulas over 2013 year–$550,000
  • Prices still ↓ 38% from 2007 peak
  • $1m+ represents 30% of listings—but just 11% of sales
  • $1m+ average 2 years on market before sale
  • Under $1m—average under 6 months on the market
  • Gig Harbor/Fox Island ↑ 14% over 2013–$713,000
  • Gig Harbor highest sale $2,960,000 after 6 ½ years
  • Key Peninsula ↓ 7%–$ 395,000
  • Key Peninsula highest sale $600,000 this year

Proposed Gig Harbor waterfront changes muddy the waters

The proposed all-new Shoreline Master Plan for Gig Harbor waterfront, mandated by the State, is proceeding cautiously—with local  hearings postponed by the Pierce County Council. The Council has chosen to push back against the State Department of Ecology on issues including buffers and aquaculture, but with the threat the State will impose more onerous regulations on shoreline properties if the Council can’t agree. The current 50 foot “setback” is proposed to change to a 75-150 foot “vegetative buffer.” And structural expansion into the “buffer” would be limited to 25% of the existing footprint, in most cases.

Every Gig Harbor waterfront owner should pay close attention to the current process and seek professional assistance, “sooner than later” if there is any thought of expanding, building or selling in the future.

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Feb 16 2014

Gig Harbor waterfront 2013’s sales volume up 33%



Gig Harbor waterfront 2013’s sales volume was up 33% year-over-year.  April through October posted nearly identical volume each month—14 or 15 homes closing each month.  And the number of sales every month was the highest for Gig Harbor waterfront it had been for at least a decade.


Gig Harbor waterfront 2013’s strong activity was due to a nearly “perfect storm” of buying conditions…historically low interest rates the first half of the year, a fair amount of inventory available with pent-up seller demand, easier lending requirements, and the buyers’ realization the market had bottomed. However, the very high tier—over $1million– dropped off precipitously with no Gig Harbor waterfront contracts written after the end of August. This followed the nation-wide fall-off of all price ranges in 4th quarter. This very high-end represented just 10% of all sales—the lowest percentage we’ve seen since 2004.


        Median sales price 2006-2013 Gig Harbor Waterfront

Yr  Sales Price    % Chg    $1.5m+   $1m+   Total Sales     % $1m+

‘06       850,000                                13         10           66                 35%

‘07       900,000           ↑6                 6          17            64                 36%

‘08       800,000           ↓11               3          11             52                 17%

‘10       662,000           ↓3                 2          15            67                 25%

‘11       525,000           ↓20               2            7            70                 13%

‘12       565,000           ↑8                 4          10           101                14%

‘13       490,000          ↓13               5            9           135                10%


  • Gig Harbor waterfront sales prices reached their peak in 2007. Prices have dropped 46% since then–now residing where they were in 2003-2004.
  • The current slim inventory of Gig Harbor waterfront—coupled with still relatively low interest rates and easier financing could mean improving prices for sellers in 2014. On the other hand, if pent-up sellers place a surge of homes in the marketplace, it could continue to hold down prices. I believe there is a minimum of 250 waterfront owners who are ready to move—if market conditions (prices) will permit.
  • Gig Harbor waterfront homes selling above $1m sold on average for 150% of their assessed value in 2013. Average waterfront was 170 feet.  Nearly all faced West or Northwest, 3 had docks, and 8 were low or no-bank…nothing unusual here.
  • Homes selling from $750,000-1,000,000 were on average 120% of their assessed value. Sites here averaged 136 feet, slightly more than half faced north or east, most the rest south.
  • Gig Harbor waterfront distressed home sales were down—just 9% of the sales last year were short-sales and 4% were bank-owned. This is a great reduction from two years ago at 9% and 13% respectively. The most expensive bank-owned house sold for $875,000 on Fox Island.
  • There may be a window of opportunity for Gig Harbor waterfront  sellers now in early spring to take advantage of low inventory and buyers before more sellers enter the marketplace.

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Feb 13 2012

Gig Harbor WA Salt Waterfront Home for Sale at Horsehead Bay

Gig Harbor WA Salt Waterfront Home for Sale at Horsehead Bay.  It’s a special place. that first walk down the driveway…the water stretches across the view with Mt Rainier rising in the distance beyond the Fox Island bridge, the purple Black Hills and the Cascade mountain range. Across Hales Passage Fox Island bristles with Doug fir trees. The pastoral beauty of McNeil Island and the sun glinting off the waters of Carr Inlet and Shaw’s Cove are a welcome surprise at this salt waterfront home for sale.

On that first stroll past tall grasses and lavender, to this salt waterfront home for sale where the porch chairs await someone who is in search of beauty, it is easy to say: It takes your breath away. Yes it does…but then another deep breath and you feel the serenity of this special place.

This salt waterfront home for sale is a place to watch the sun rise pink and orange and set reflecting pink and purple. The moon rises…full orange…lighting a silver path across the water. Starry nights are for sitting on the porch and listening to the water lap against the shore or the kayak paddles dipping.

Long summer days are for dinners with friends on one of the terraces of this salt waterfront home for sale.  July 4th is a cacophony of fireworks and pageants ringing the shoreline. This is the time to pick berries…strawberries, blueberries, raspberries…all on the property.

The beach is for discovery and play…wakeboarding, fishing, paddling, wading.

With autumn comes morning fog, setting the house adrift until the sun breaks through. Walks on the sandy beach, wine shared with friends and parties in the great room of this salt waterfront home for sale .

Holidays fill this salt waterfront home for sale  with family and food. Tables expand easily, grandparents and college kids sleep in the detached studio bedroom while little ones play in the house.

Soon spring bulbs appear, rhodies bloom and lavender will fill the south lawn. Deer and fox find their way, eagles patrol the beach, seals follow the kayaks.

Friends arrive by boat, by car, on bike or on foot…to celebrate the seasons and share what this special place offers. Life is as full as you want it to be.


Call me at 253.549.6611 or email me for more information about this or another salt waterfront home for sale. Or click on for more photos of this salt waterfront home for sale.

1 Primary

2 View porch






Rainier edited


















The first European-American settlement began in Arletta in the late 1870s and the post office was established in 1893. The first postmistress coined the name Arletta by combining her daughter’s name Arla with her friend’s name Lucetta. Most early settlers farmed. Other activities in the area included logging, fishing, and trapping. When a permanent dock was constructed, a business district developed around the waterfront and included a store, fish fertilizer factory and warehouse. By 1910 the first roads had been constructed between Arletta, Horsehead Bay and Warren.

The first Euro-American settlement in Warren began in the late 1870s.  A permanent dock was constructed in the early 1910s and farming formed the economic base for the community at the beginning. In the late 1920s, local residents constructed a road connecting Warren to Arletta and Horsehead Bay.

8 Great room


12 Kitchen

9 Library





























Area residents have consistently demonstrated their strong commitment to provide a high quality public education to nearly 10,000 students. The district enjoys a statewide reputation for meeting the educational needs of today’s students who become tomorrow’s leaders. In addition, Gig Harbor has nearly a dozen private schools.

The Harbor History Museum is located on Gig Harbor Bay and allows visitors a place to experience the history of Gig Harbor. In 2010 the Museum opened its new multi-million dollar facility, highlighted by the Shenandoah, a purse seiner built in a Gig Harbor shipyard and the Midway schoolhouse. The Midway Schoolhouse Experience may be the only all-day pioneer classroom experience on the West Coast. It has been designed with actual curriculum and is the buzz of all 4th graders who are given the option of attending. It is hosted by numerous volunteers and comes complete with “school marm”. The permanent gallery is spectacular and the temporary exhibits are diverse.

While Gig Harbor was once most known for its fishing and logging, it is now also known for its numerous art galleries, art walks and art shows. A theatre company in Gig Harbor provides entertainment including dinner theatre and summer outdoor theatre.

The Gig Harbor area is ideal for enjoying water-related recreation. Whether you prefer water skiing, power or sail boating, kayaking, fresh or salt water fishing, scuba driving, windsurfing, clamming, beachcombing or swimming, the secluded harbors provide excellent moorage and docking facilities.

There are four state parks. Boat ramps are located near the major bays. Gig Harbor operates a waterfront park, a park on Crescent Creek, a boat-building facility and a pioneer farm. Eight golf courses offer year-round golf close to Gig Harbor.

Numerous events are scheduled throughout the year, largely centered on the Gig Harbor waterfront, including farmers markets, outdoor cinema, Tuesday night music at the park, and lighted holiday boat parade.

Youth and adult baseball, basketball, football, gymnastics, dance, and soccer programs are provided through community organizations. Two local pools provide swimming opportunities for the community and swim clubs.


Carole Holmaas is a Managing Broker at Windermere Real Estate. She may be reached at 253.549.6611 or

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Sep 24 2011

Gig Harbor waterfront sales…what a difference!

Gig Harbor waterfront sales…what a difference!

What a difference 4 months has made for Gig Harbor waterfront sales. In June I reported waterfront prices appeared to have stabilized. I added the caveat “for now”.  Sales were up and closed prices were running higher than 2010 prices. The median price for the first 5 months of 2011 was $686,000.

Then was then. And now is now. Gig Harbor waterfront sales prices have fallen a full $90,000 in the past 4 months and $60,000 from 2010 to $596,000 year-to-date. I blogged in June I was very concerned that closed prices would drop in the future because the pipeline of pending sales was reflecting much lower list prices.  It has!

October waterfront chart

Median price is the point where half the sales closed for more than that price and half closed for less. It is the typical sales price quoted for national and regional statistics. In 2007 half of the sales exceeded $900,000 and half were less. The turn in the waterfront market run-up can be traced to September 2007.  The first quarter of this year was by far the strongest for Gig Harbor waterfront prices…sliding ever since.

Sales volume is up 10% over last year and sellers realistic in pricing for today’s current market are selling in fewer days than in the past.  We are currently on track to close as many,  and possibly more, Gig Harbor waterfront homes as we did in 2006 and 2007.

January-September Gig Harbor waterfront sales highlights

  • Sales volume well ahead of 2008, 2009 and 2010—10% higher than 2010
  • $596,000 closed median price, down 10% from 2010 ($60,000 drop)
  • Closed median price down 33% from 2007 high of $900,000
  • Inventory down about 8% from a year ago
  • Pending median list price $549,000
  • 25% of closed sales are distressed properties—equal bank-owned & short sales
  • 25% of pending sales are also distressed properties

Only 5 Gig Harbor waterfront sales have tipped the scale at more than $1 million since January—4 in the first 5 months and 1 in the next 4 months.  And the inventory is high—44 homes are listed over $1 million…16 of those over $2 million. At that rate of sales there is more than a 6 year supply of homes on the market over $1 million. With these statistics sellers need to price aggressively. It is very clear in today’s market that Gig Harbor waterfront homes selling in the fewest number of days are those that are priced realistically—in many cases sellers are able to get the full list price. 13% of sellers this year received full list price in 3-28 days of listing.

But what a bonanza for Gig Harbor waterfront buyers right now. With interest rates never lower and financing more available for higher-end homes than in 2009 and 2010 this is a great opportunity for buyers who have been contemplating a waterfront purchase. Buyers who can…are buying…as reflected in September’s written contracts. Buyers entered into contracts for 7 Gig Harbor waterfront homes…a figure not seen for September since 2007

Carole Holmaas is a Broker at Windermere Real Estate, licensed since 1967. She specializes in waterfront and view properties and may be reached at 253.549.6611 or

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Jun 11 2011

Gig Harbor waterfront home prices stabilize…for now

Gig Harbor waterfront home prices stabilize…for now. Sale prices for Gig Harbor waterfront homes at the end of May were on track to beat 2010 prices–$686,000. However, the median list price of pending contracts is only $500,000. Half of these are distressed properties. So it is very likely the median closed price will slide over the next few months.

There is some good news for sellers trying to sell their homes though. Gig Harbor brokers have already closed as many sales in the first five months as the first half of the last three years. The first quarter was particularly strong as interest rates were low and buyers sensed prices were bottoming and made good use of sellers’ willingness to negotiate heavily at the end of winter.

January-May Gig Harbor waterfront home highlights

  • Sales volume well ahead of 2008, 2009 and 2010—as much as 50%
  • $686,000 median closed price up $25,000 from 2010 prices
  • Inventory down 30% from a year ago
  • Inventory up 25% in last 75 days
  • Pending sales median list price only $500,000
  • 37% of closed sales are distressed properties
  • 50% of pending sales are distressed properties—1 bank-owned & the rest stuck in the short sale approval process
  • Bank-owned homes closed for 81% of the bank’s list price and were on the market an average of 135 days after the bank took over. This drops precipitously to 63% from seller’s original list price
  • Short sale homes closed for 67% of original list price and were on the market an average of 415 days
  • Non-distressed homes closed for 70% of original list price, only slightly better

Sellers, as they consider pricing, should note the list to sales price ratio for original owners of homes eventually foreclosed on—63%– as well as the 70% for non-distressed closings. There is a difference in being “on the market” and “in the market” and several well-priced homes have sold this year in a matter of days for 95% of list price.

Four Gig Harbor waterfront home sales have tipped the scale at $1 million plus since the first of the year. The homes–two homes on Fox Island and two in Rosedale- sold for 72% of original list price. 2010 produced 17 sales over this mark.  In perspective…there are 50 homes listed over $1 million, including 16 over $2 million. This is a 61% increase in this price range in the past 75 days. It is easy to see many of these homes will be on the market for some time.

To further understand this market segment…there is not one current pending sale above $1 million. At this moment very few buyers are stepping up to these very high-end properties. However, willing and able buyers are receiving some very high quality Gig Harbor waterfront homes…in some cases at or under county assessed values.

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